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Audio Review: The One You Want (The Original Heartbreakers #0.5) by Gena Showalter (Narrator: Savannah Richards)

The One You Want (Original Heartbreakers) - Gena Showalter
The One You Want

The Original Heartbreakers #0.5
Gena Showalter (Narrator: Savannah Richards)
Contemporary Romance - Novella
Recorded Books
January 15th 2015
4 hours and 24 minutes
Audible Romance Package


New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter introduces the Original Heartbreakers—about sexy bad boys each meeting their match—with a special prequel novella!


In small-town Oklahoma, reputation is everything, and Kenna Starr will do anything to overcome hers. The supposed bad girl is determined to walk the straight and narrow, a seemingly impossible task when Tall, Dark and Sexy shows up…


Rich and powerful, Dane Michaelson is every woman's dream. When he returns to Strawberry Valley after a sixteen-year absence, he is unprepared for the redheaded girl he's never been able to forget. She's all woman now—and he's never wanted anyone more. But to have her, he'll have to break through her defenses… and surrender his own.


* First published in the 2014 anthology, All For You.






The One You Want is a novella in The Original Heartbreakers series by Gena Showalter. It introduces us to Strawberry Valley and several of the townsfolk and new residences. 

I really enjoyed this novella more then I expected too. I can’t wait to continue into the series.


Kenna is a hard working single mother who has had to deal with town gossip and labels that aren’t true. 


Dane used to live in Strawberry Valley, but his family left and now he’s back and boy has he grown up, in all the best ways. 


Dane and Kenna both have issues and things in their past that they haven’t dealt with. I fell in love with both Dane and Kenna at the start. Kenna held her ground throughout the book. I liked the friendship Kenna has with Brook Lynn and that crazy silly bucket list was just too much fun. And, Kenna’s daughter was just wonderful. She has no filter and with kids it’s so true. They say anything and everything. 


The setting and characters were so reminiscent of what people go through when they think they know your past, what you’ve done, and how you’e acted.


I adored this novella, I loved the setting, and I loved the characters.


Audio Review: This is my first experience with Savannah Richards. She brought this novella to life. Everything felt more real and intense. I thoroughly enjoyed all the voices. They came across clear, crisp, and well defined. The audio was pleasant and comfortable to listen too. I plan to continue the series in this formate.


Rated: 4 Stars


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Challenge(s) (2018): Try Something New (Series) | Audiobook 







I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. I’m an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. I’m the owner, reviewer, and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!

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How I Blog: Blogging & Review Tips


First and foremost their is no “right” or “wrong” way to do things. Everyone finds their own path. It may take time, but we each have our own way of doing things. We each bring our own experiences and backgrounds to the blogging world. So, take any and all advice with a grain of salt. And, remember you will find your way. It’s all about you, so do what is best for you. 


I deiced to put this post together; because I’ve been asked in private messages and I was asked a while back in my 10 Quick Things About Me & My Followers Asked Me Questions and I Answered post to share some blogging tips. Both posts I replayed with a few tips. Not much, so I decided it might be time to share what I’ve learned and those quick easy cheats I use.


Now; before I even started my blog, Angel’s Guilty Pleasures, I did a search on Google: Tips on Book Blogging. I also searched my favorite blog sites to see if they had any helpful tips posted up on what they have learned. I gathered information, maybe too much, but it was all helpful; especially since I had no idea what I was doing and how to blog or write a review. I did have to learn that not everything I read would worked for me. I took all this information I learned and used it to help me find my own path and make my blog, my own. 


Last, Every year I continue to learn something new. It’s a non-stop learning process. And, I like this non-stop learning. I’ve also figured out how to fix things on my own website. When I figure something out on my own, without going to my computer geek husband, it’s a big achievement and I feel good. 


Now onto those tips:




I did a post in June 2017 just on book reviews and some tips, but I’ll recap a few things for you on what I do. 


  • First and Foremost you have to have read the book. You can’t review what you haven’t read.
  • DNF (Did Not Finish): An exception to reading those books to the end is DNF’ing. It means you tried, but just couldn’t get through it. DO NOT BE AFARID TO DNF. It took me a while to get comfortable with this option. Once I did. It saved me time reading something I didn’t like or couldn’t get into. You can still review a DNF book. Just look at the suggested questions to think about in taking notes or do your own thing. 
  • Take Notes. Some do this on a special Book Journal Worksheet or a Notebook. I use the Evernote app on my phone.
    • Some questions to think about when reading/taking notes.
      • Was it easy or difficult to read? Fun and rewarding to read?
      • How was the world building?
      • Does the book deliver?
      • What did you find interesting about the book?
      • What did you like or dislike?
      • How where the characters? Entertaining? Enjoyable? Likable? etc…
      • Does anything in the book remind you of something in your life?
  • Thank. Digest. Mull It Over. Before starting your review sometimes it’s good to give yourself time to just digest what you read.
  • Trust Yourself. Everyone is going to have different perspectives and opinions. Don’t worry. We are all different and like different things. Remember the review is all about YOU, be honest, be bold.
  • Leave It For A While. Once you write up your review. Leave it. Come back later and look it over. You will have some fresh eyes and might notice something or remember you forgot to add something.
  • Share. Post. 




When review audiobooks there is just a little bit more to think about then just the plot, world, and characters. You have to consider the performance, production & sound quality, and your overall reaction to your listening experience.


At the end of 2017 I started to review audiobooks. Having to consider all this, along with everything else I did to review a book I read, was a change and a challenge. I used Reviewing Audiobooks, this handy guide I found over at Audiobook Jukebox to help me with reviewing audiobooks. 




The most important thing is to be yourself. This is your blog. You can post whatever you want whenever you want. Don’t make it a job. Once you do. It may not be fun anymore.


  • Copy and Paste. OMG Copy and paste are your friend. I have learned to use this option for those posts that I do more then once.


  • Search Bar:
    • Make sure your website has a way to search it for content. 
    • Make sure it’s easy to find and use. I have mine at the top of my page in an easy to locate location. I dislike going to a website and not being able to search for what I was looking for. It makes me not come back.


  • Do Not Pirate other peoples work, pictures, or words… If you want to use something make sure to say where you got it, use quotations, and add a link back to where you got the information. Their are copyright laws. You don’t want to get in trouble.
    • Don’t take pictures off the internet (Google). Get your pictures of a free stock site like, a photo site that you pay for, VectorStockor take your own photos, but make sure to put your blog name or twitter hander on them. I do all three for the blog.
    • Pictures that come in a tour are ok.


  • Be Original. This can be in making your own pictures/banners that show up on your site or social media or this can be posts you do.
    • I LOVE Canva. It’s the sight I use to make all the banners, pictures, teaser, etc…


  • Don’t Over Book. This applies to tours and ARC reviews you accept/sign-up for. If you commit to reviewing or touring, make sure to complete the review in a timely manner and make sure to post your tour on time.
    • For ARC’s: To many bloggers at the begging or even seasoned ones, see all those pretty books and go a little crazy. NetGalley and Edelweiss don’t make it easy to not click away. It’s so easy to get bogged down with to many books to review.
    • If you do find yourself bogged down. Take a break. Breaks can help you get refreshed and motivated. For those that need added help on completing those ARC’s Herding Cats & Burning Soup hosts this Challenge: Blogger Shame just for those people who need the added help/motivation to clean out old review books. This challenge is dedicated to those ARC’s over 4 month’s old that you haven’t read yet.


  • Calendars are your friend. Use a calendar to keep track of all those reviews, tours, or whatever you put on your blog.
    • I like to use my google calendar to keep track. Others like to have an actual paper calendar they write on. Find what works for you!
    • Color Code: As you can see on my google calendar. I color code my posts and it’s a life saver. How I color code: Interviews/Guest Posts are in Dark Green, Tours/Blitzes/Release Day are in Teal, Hops/Discussion Posts are in Yellow, & Reviews are in Red.


  • If you plan on doing a post on new book releases. Maybe think about separating that from your blog calendar. I actually use BlueSky Planner Jan. to Dec. At one time I had new release on my google calendar, but it was to much, so I moved it and have been very happy.




  • Scheduling Posts. Learn to use your scheduling thing on your blog for your posts. It’s a life saver to have your posts set for a specific date and time. So much time is saved with this feature.


  • Social Media: Set up social media accounts for your blog and then try to be social on them. Now you don’t have to be social on all. I’m active on Facebook and Twitter all the others I just post my blog posts and that’s it. Remember to not spend too much time on social media or you miss out on reading. I had to learn how to manage both. I usually set a timer and once it’s done I get off and work on other things. It’s a balancing act. 
  • Social Media Sites I’m On:  People can follow me on these sites; Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Goodreads, Tumbler, BlogLovin’, NetworkBlogs, BookLikes, Riffle, Amazon, BookBub
  • Blog Post Social Share: Make sure to have a way to share your posts featured on your blog. I really dislike going to a blog and wanting to share their post, but they have no share buttons. It turns me off from visiting them again.
  • Share Settings on your blog: Set up a way for your blog to share your posts to all your social media accounts. This will save you time. Their are some handy programs to use in having your blog share your posts on social media sites for you. 
    • Depending on what blog site you use to set up your blog. It may post to your social accounts for you, but you will have to set this up.
    • is a social share site I use to share on my Facebook Page. It shares my posts for me, but only on 1 social media site; unless you pay for a plan. 
  • Newsletter/Email Subscription: Have an option to signing up for an email on your blog. Their are different options you can pick for this. Just make sure it works and people get your emails.
    • I use MailChimp (free) and really like it. The mail option that came with my website just didn’t work well enough for my liking, so I switched. 


  • Blog Button: Weither someone uses your button or not. Make a button for your website. 


  • Associate Programs: You can, but don’t have to sign up for Associate Programs. Most retails offer a program where you can make a little $ money back when someone uses your link to their site or product and then they have to purchases an item for you to get a small % back. It’s a nice program. As a blogger I don’t make much. Not even enough to cover all the giveaways I do, but the funds I do receive go to the blog. 
    • You can read about my Affiliate Program Discloser
    • Who offers programs: Amazon Associates, Kobo (Rakuten Marketing), Book Depository, and others.


  • Things to consider on your website:
    • An about page. This doesn’t have to be long. Something short. Introducing yourself to those who visit your blog. Check out my About Page
    • Contact Page or a way for someone to contact you
    • Policies
      • Giveaway Policy
      • Review Request/Policy
      • Affiliate Program – If you do deiced to join in one. It’s more a disclosure. 
      • FTC Discloser – Very Very Important. Can be on the main page at bottom. I have it on my main page and a designated page for it too.
      • Copyright


  • Mobile
    • Make sure your site works on a mobile device. Check to see if this is set up and that it looks good. 
    • I use WPMobileTouch Plugin to design my website for mobile devices. 







  • Revive Old Post
  • Shareaholic
  • Book Review 
  • CommetLuv – Lets your commuters share a post from their site.
  • AccessPress Social Icons
  • Custom About Author – This puts a small bio at the bottom of each post.
  • Image Rotator Widget
  • Progress Bar
  • Related Posts – Link to related content on your blog.
  • WPDiscuz – Comments
  • Use Any Font
  • Simple Image Widget
  • Akismet Anti-Spam


Well that’s it. I hope you enjoyed and where able to take something away from this post.


I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. I’m an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. I’m the owner, reviewer, and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!

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Cover Reveal: Fighting for Everything (Warrior Fight Club) by Laura Kaye


I’m thrilled to help Laura Kaye share the amazing cover for her upcoming Fighting for Everything, the first in her Warrior Fight Club series, a new contemporary military romance series about the members of an MMA training club that helps veterans deal with PTSD and transition to civilian life. It’s coming May 22! Check it out, preorder your copy, and let me know what you think! Here’s everything you need to know:



Become one of Laura Kaye’s VIP Readers


About the book:


Loving her is the biggest fight of his life…


Home from the Marines, Noah Cortez has a secret he doesn’t want his oldest friend, Kristina Moore, to know. It kills him to push her away, especially when he’s noticing just how sexy and confident she’s become in his absence. But, angry and full of fight, he’s not the same man anymore either. Which is why Warrior Fight Club sounds so good.


Kristina loves teaching, but she wants more out of life. She wants Noah—the boy she’s crushed on and waited for. Except Noah is all man now—in ways both oh so good and troubling, too. Still, she wants who he’s become—every war-hardened inch. And when they finally stop fighting their attraction, it’s everything Kristina never dared hope for.


But Noah is secretly spiraling, and when he lashes out, it threatens what he and Kristina have found. The brotherhood of the fight club helps him confront his demons, but only Noah can convince the woman he loves that he’s finally ready to fight for everything.



Preorder on Amazon | Amazon AU | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | B & N | iBooks | Kobo



Laura Kaye is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of thirty books in contemporary romance and romantic suspense. Laura grew up amid family lore involving angels, ghosts, and evil-eye curses, cementing her life-long fascination with storytelling and the supernatural. A former college history professor, Laura also writes bestselling historical women’s fiction as Laura Kamoie. Laura lives in Maryland with her husband and two daughters, and appreciates her view of the Chesapeake Bay every day.


Connect with Laura on Facebook | Twitter


So what do you think? Thanks for reading!




Escape Claws (Cat Lady Mysteries #1) by Linda Reilly (Tour) ~ Giveaway



Escape Claws

A Cat Lady Mystery

by Linda Reilly

Genre: Cozy Mystery

204 pages


Here, killer, killer, killer . . .


For the first time in sixteen years, Lara Caphart has returned to her hometown of Whisker Jog, New Hampshire. She wants to reconnect with her estranged Aunt Fran, who’s having some difficulty looking after herself—and her eleven cats. Taking care of a clowder of kitties is easy, but keeping Fran from being harassed by local bully Theo Barnes is hard. The wealthy builder has his sights set on Fran’s property, and is determined to make her an offer she doesn’t dare refuse.


Then Lara spots a blue-eyed ragdoll cat that she swears is the reincarnation of her beloved Blue, her childhood pet. Pursuing the feline to the edge of Fran’s yard, she stumbles upon the body of Theo Barnes, clearly a victim of foul play. To get her and Fran off the suspect list, Lara finds herself following the cat’s clues in search of a killer. Is Blue’s ghost really trying to help her solve a murder, or has Lara inhaled too much catnip?



AmazonKoboB & N





A paw batting at her nose awakened Lara. She squinted at the clock—only six fifteen. Half asleep, she grinned at the perpetrator—Izzy. The calico cat balanced on her chest while Pickles chewed on a strand of her tangled hair.




Armed with a degree in Criminal Justice, Linda Reilly once contemplated a career in law enforcement. But life took a twist, and instead she found her niche in real estate closings and title examinations, where the dusty tomes in the Registry of Deeds enticed her into solving mysteries of a different sort. A dyed-in-the-wool New Englander, Linda lives in New Hampshire with her husband, who affectionately calls her “Nose-in-a-Book.” A member of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America, she loves solving mysteries of the cozy type. When she’s not pounding away at her keyboard, she can usually be found prowling the shelves of a local bookstore or library.



Website * Facebook Author * Facebook CLM * Twitter * Pinterest * BookBub * Amazon * Goodreads



2 cat lady mysteries tote, oversized cat mug, $20 Amazon

Follow the tour HERE for exclusive excerpts and a giveaway! 


a Rafflecopter giveaway


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TMST: Books or Series I’m Finally Going To Try

Tell Me Something Tuesday hosted by Rainy Day Ramblings.


What books or series that are languishing in your TBR are you finally going to try this year?


Oh man!! Their are a lot of books and series on my TBR that I’ve delayed for one reason or another. I have several books/series that I want to try, but I also have several I need to finish or get caught up on; before I start more new stuff. This year (2018) is going to be the year of working through older titles, the books I bought/own, and borrowing from my library (Library Love Challenge). 


As for those pesky books/series I’m going to try this year.

Take a look below at a few I really really want to get too in 2018.



Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club Series – I’ve had my eye on Sarah Castille’s books for a while. I’ve been wanting to try out her MC for some time now, but just haven’t picked them up. 

From New York Times bestselling author Sarah Castille comes Rough Justice, a scorching new series featuring red-hot, hard-riding bikers and the women who can’t help but love them…



Elemental Assassin Series – I haven’t started this series, but I’ve had my eye on it for years. Several bloggers have enjoyed this series. I like the elements described in the blurb’s and the covers are cool. For those that have tried the series, should I read or try the audio??

After Gin’s family was murdered by a Fire elemental when she was thirteen, she lived on the streets and eventually became an assassin to survive. Now, Gin is given an assignment by her handler to rub out an Ashland businessman, but it turns out to be a trap. After Gin’s handler is brutally murdered, she teams up with the sexy detective investigating the case to figure out who double-crossed her and why. Only one thing is for sure —Gin has no qualms about killing her way to the top of the conspiracy.




Shelby Nichols Adventure Series – The first time I saw a cover for this series I was hooked. I’ve had my eye on this series since I had Ms. Helme on the blog showcasing Devious Minds; along with a character bio for Alejandro Ramos. I snagged Book 1, Carrots for free when it was offered and got lucky to pick up the audio for free too, when a special was going with Audible. I just haven’t gotten around to trying this series, but I want too. It’s a cozy mystery with supernatural elements in it. That sounds cool and I love the covers for all the books.

Shelby’s life changes when she stops at the grocery store for some carrots. During a bank robbery, she is caught in the cross-fire and grazed by a bullet to the head, leaving her with the ability to read people’s minds. Not only is she hearing what everyone thinks about her, but the gunman who shot her is out to silence her forever. In her fight to stay alive she is saved from certain death by a handsome hit-man with ties to organized crime. This pulls Shelby even deeper into danger, where knowing someone’s thoughts can not only hurt her feelings, but get her killed.




Silence Fallen – I had pre-ordered this title, so I had it on release day, but never read it. I think I’m delaying; because their have been so many mixed reviews on this title in the Mercy Thompson series and I’m a fan of Mercy. I LOVE Mercy. 




Dead Heat – Ya, I need to get to this one since Burn Bright is coming March 2018. I wish my library had the audiobook for it, but they don’t, so I’ll have to pick up the book and read it or buy the audiobook if I want to do audio. Anyone have this in Audible that wants to loan it out?




Into the Fire – Yep, I also had this one on release day since I pre-order it, but still haven’t read it. It’s the last book in the Night Prince series. I seam to delay those last to near last books in a series. Who really wants their favorites to come to an end?




Tempted & Taken – Another one I pre-ordered and had on release day. Now this one I’ll be getting to soon. No worries on it. Just didn’t get to it near release; because of the holidays. 




Need To Finish Series


Chicagoland Vampires Series – I’ve got one to read in this series, the last book, and then I’ll have finished it. I want to try the new series Heirs of Chicagoland that’s coming in July 2018, so I have a few months to finish the series; before the new series starts.




I also need to finish The Dresden Files & Charley Davidson series’s that I started in 2017.





What books or series are you finally going to try this year?
I’d love to hear from you!



Next TMST: January 23rd: How do you beat the winter blues?



I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. I’m an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. I’m the owner, reviewer, and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!

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It’s Release Day! Deadline by Jennifer Blackstream ~ Excerpt





As a witch with a dark past, Shade Renard knows the Otherworld isn’t always successful at policing itself. Humans don’t believe in magic anymore, and their ignorance renders them easy prey. So when an FBI contact hires her to consult on a possible haunting in a missing persons case, Shade seizes the opportunity to see justice done.


Her case takes an unexpected turn when an undead crime lord shows up on her doorstep. A bold thief stole the vampire’s little black book of secrets—and he’ll pay a lot more than an FBI consulting fee to get it back. To collect, Shade will have to confront a rogue sorceress, a vengeful wizard, and a lethally seductive fey, with only her wits, her growing magic, and a sarcastic pixie familiar.


Success means bringing a killer to justice and taking the first step to redemption. Failure means a war between humans and the Otherworld.


No pressure.



iBooks – Amazon (paperback) – Amazon (Kindle) – Kobo 




“Didn’t you say you weren’t drinking soda anymore?”

I popped the top on the can of Coke and took a defiant swig, more than a little satisfied at the squeak of dismay that came from my judgmental familiar as she wavered on her perch atop my head. “I earned this. I killed a eurypterid before breakfast. Two eurypterids. And I almost died. Not to mention, Mrs. Harvesty kept me on the phone for ten minutes talking about that cat.”

“I hate cats.” Peasblossom clung to my head like a living barrette. “Nasty beasties, always try to eat me like I’m a flying snack. Barbaric.”

“I love cats. I just don’t want to drop everything because Mrs. Harvesty claims her furry little child is having an emotional crisis.”

“Emotional crisis?” 

“The kitten is refusing to come out of his mummy’s boot.” I held a sip of Coke in my mouth for a moment as if I were sampling fine wine. 

Peasblossom snickered. “Puss in Boots.”

I snorted, then swore as carbonated soda shot up my nose, burning like fire. Peasblossom careened off my head in a fit of mad giggles as I ran to the stove and the faded blue hand towel hanging there. 

“Blood and bones, that burns,” I wheezed, squeezing my eyes shut as I pressed the towel to my nose.

More laughter made me open my eyes in time to watch Peasblossom fly in a semi-drunken bobbing path to land on the counter beside the stove. Tears of mirth glittered in her pink eyes, matching the iridescent sparkles on her insect-like wings. “Serves you right for drinking a second soda.”

I glared at her for a few minutes as I waited for the burning to stop. When I’d recovered, I replaced the wet towel with a clean one and deposited the soda-and-snot-spotted cloth in the hamper. “If you’re quite finished, perhaps you could run me through today’s to-do list? I want to make sure I didn’t forget anything.”

Still giggling, Peasblossom flew to the large desk in the dining room and picked up a sheet of notebook paper tucked beside the laptop. “Settle dispute between the hamadryads over who’s the eldest,” she read.

“Done. Once they realized the only way to age a tree is to lop off a piece of it, they were happy to call it a draw.” 

“Find out if a goblin ate the Roberts’ dog.”

“No. Sgt. Pepper was hiding under the neighbor’s house again. Mrs. Barns just didn’t want to admit it because she didn’t want to hear Mr. Roberts accuse her of trying to steal his dog for the tenth time. Sgt. Pepper went home when he got hungry.”

Peasblossom peered at me over the top of the list. “Find an office.”

I took a long swig of the soda, avoiding eye contact. “Move it to tomorrow.”

“Again,” Peasblossom said under her breath. She put the paper down and hefted a miniature pen she’d taken from a child’s art kit. Sticking out her tongue in concentration, she made a notation on the to-do list.

Aluminum groaned as I tightened my grip. “I will do it.” 

“Of course you will. Because you’re going to be a real detective.”

“Private investigator. And yes, I am.”

“Mother Hazel won’t like it.”

I clenched my teeth. No, my mentor wouldn’t like it. I could hear her voice now, telling me to leave the battling to the wizards—witches had more important things to do. 

Like play psychiatrist to a cat.

I strode over to the desk, put the can of soda down with a determined thunk, then snatched up a stack of Post-its and a black fine-point marker. Peasblossom watched as I scrawled, “Find an office today,” and underlined todaythree times. I stuck the reminder to the frame of my computer screen. 

“You used a hot-pink Post-it. You must be serious now.”

I ignored her sarcasm. I would find an office tomorrow. It was time.


USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Blackstream is…odd. Putting aside the fact that she writes her own author bio in third person, she also sleeps with a stuffed My Little Pony that her grandmother bought her as a joke for her 23rd birthday, and she enjoys listening to Fraggle Rock soundtracks whether or not her children are in the car.  


Jennifer doesn’t have spare time, but she makes it a point to spend at least one night a week with her sibling binge-watching whatever show they’re currently plowing through (currently Numbers on Netflix), and she ferociously guards quality time with her son and daughter. She cooks when she has the sanity for it—adding garlic to the recipe whether it calls for it or not—and tries very hard not to let her arachnophobia keep her out of her basement on laundry day.


Jennifer’s influences include Terry Pratchett (for wit), Laurell K. Hamilton (for sexual tension), Jim Butcher (for roguish flair), and Kim Harrison (for mythos). She is currently writing the series of her heart and her dreams, the series that has been percolating in her brain for the last decade…Blood Trails. An Urban Fantasy Mystery series that will combine the classic whodunit spirit with a contemporary fantasy setting. Expect mystery, magic, and mayhem, with characters that will make you laugh, cry, and probably stare at the screen with your jaw hanging down to the floor. Well, that’s how they affect Jennifer anyway…



Website – FB Author Page – Twitter – Goodreads – Mailing List




It’s Release Day! Rescuing Casey (Delta Force Heroes #7) by Susan Stoker ~ Excerpt


Rescuing Casey

Susan Stoker
Delta Force Heroes Book 7
Release Date January 16th, 2018 



One-minute Casey Shea was minding her own business, doing her job, teaching entomology to college students, and the next she was in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle fighting for her life.


Troy “Beatle” Lennon had watched his friends fall head over heels in love, but never thought it would happen to him. Until he sees a picture of one of his teammates’ sisters. That was it. The absolute joy in her eyes calls to him in a way he can’t understand.

But that joy is currently being threatened by an unknown person who’d had Casey kidnapped and hidden deep in the jungle. It’s up to Beatle to find her and keep her safe until the threat against her can be neutralized. Surviving the dangers of the jungle turns out to be the easy part…staying ahead of the killer is much more complicated…and deadly.


**Rescuing Casey is the 7th book in the Delta Force Heroes Series. Each book is a stand-alone, with no cliffhanger endings.



Amazon Kindle  Amazon UK  B&N Nook  Kobo  iBooks




Casey swayed, but refused to sit. Five minutes. That’s all she had to do. Hell, she’d walked for hours earlier. She could stand, no problem.


But it was a problem. Even though she couldn’t feel her feet, she could feel her legs. And they hurt. Hell, everything hurt. But it was more than that. She was weak.


The adrenaline of her rescue had long since worn off and the lack of food and water had caught up to her.


The granola bars she’d eaten earlier, along with the constant intake of water, had gone a long way toward making her feel not on the verge of death. But the week and a half she’d spent underground without real sleep, along with all the worry and stress she’d experienced, had caught up to her.


Just when she thought she was going to fall on her face, Beatle was there.


“Fuck, you’re amazing,” he said, then swung her up into his arms once more.


Casey regretted saying earlier that she wanted to walk out of the jungle. Suddenly she wanted nothing more than to have Beatle carry her out, just like this. But no, that wasn’t fair to him, and she didn’t want to be the weak damsel in distress. She’d stayed alive when she knew others would’ve died, so she could walk her own damn self out of the jungle.


But…Beatle’s arms around her felt so good. Safe. 




Check out The Delta Force Heroes Series at Goodreads


  • Rescuing Rayne Book 1
  • Assisting Aimee Book 1.5
  • Rescuing Emily Book 2
  • Rescuing Harley Book 3
  • Marrying Emily Book 4
  • Rescuing Kassie Book 5
  • Rescuing Bryn Book 6
  • Rescuing Casey Book 7
  • Rescuing Sadie Book 7.5 (Coming April 2018)
  • Rescuing Wendy Book 8 (Coming May 2018)
  • Rescuing Mary Book 9 (Coming Oct. 2018)


New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, Susan Stoker has a heart as big as the state of Texas where she lives, but this all-American girl has also spent the last fourteen years living in Missouri, California, Colorado, and Indiana. She’s married to a retired Army man who now gets to follow her around the country.


She debuted her first series in 2014 and quickly followed that up with the SEAL of Protection Series, which solidified her love of writing and creating stories readers can get lost in.




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Audio Review: Hexed by Ilona Andrews, Yasmine Galenorn, Allyson James, Jeanne C. Stein

Hexed - Ilona Andrews, Allyson James, Yasmine Galenorn, Jeanne C. Stein

Kate Daniels #4.5, Otherworld/Sisters of the Moon #9.5 , Stormwalker #2.5, Anna Strong Chronicles #6.5
Ilona Andrews, Yasmine Galenorn, Allyson James, Jeanne C. Stein, ( Narrator: Renée Raudman), ( Narrator: Cassandra Campbell)
Paranormal Romance - Urban Fantasy - Anthologies
Tantor Audio
May 10th 2014
12 hours and 25 minutes


From best-selling authors Ilona Andrews, Yasmine Galenorn, Allyson James, and Jeanne C. Stein comes an anthology of four all-new novellas featuring powerful women who know how to handle a hex or two.


In "Double Hexed" from Allyson James, a novella of the Stormwalker series, Janet and her friends find themselves locked in her hotel, victims of a hex cast by a very powerful sorcerer. And, as they work to release the spell before the sorcerer kills them all, they realize that their worst enemies just might be themselves.


In "Blood Debt" from Jeanne C. Stein, bounty-hunter-turned-vampire Anna Strong is visited by three witches who ask her to right an old magical wrong. Anna will have to live up to her name to make it through alive.


In "Magic Dreams" from Ilona Andrews, old legends and frightening nightmares come to life. The shapeshifting Tigress Dali Harimau finds herself in deep water when she must challenge a dark being to a battle of wits, or risk losing the man she secretly longs for.


Finally, in Yasmine Galenorn's "Ice Shards," Iris Kuusi, a Finnish house sprite who lives with the D'Artigo sisters, must journey to the frozen Northlands to confront the crazed shadow of the former lover she's accused of murdering, so she can break the curse keeping her from marrying the man she loves. This is a must-listen collection for fans of the paranormal.




Barnes & Noble




I picked up this Anthology to listen to the novella Magic Dreams (Kate Daniels #4.5) only. I LOVE the Kate Daniels series and have been listening to the books and loving them all over again. Instead of just listening to Magic Dreams I went ahead and listened to all four novellas; Magic Dreams, Ice Shards, Double Hexed, and Blood Debt. This Anthology was interesting and each novella was different and enjoyable to listen too.


Magic Dreams – 5 Stars


Here we get Jim & Dali, two shapeshiftes in the Cat Clan. If you are familiar with the Kate Daniels series then you have an idea of who these two are. Jim shows up in the first book and Dali shows up in the third book, but here we get to see more into them, their insecurities, and mating dance. Lots of fun to listen too and learn more about these two.


The Narrator: Renée Raudman did a superb job with the narration. The audiobook brings out the emotions, characters, mystery, and adventure.


Ice Shards – 4 Stars


Ice Shards takes place in the Otherworld/Sisters of the Moon #9.5 series. I haven’t tried this series yet, but do have book one on my TBR. This novella has made me want to bump up trying out Yasmine Galenorn. Iris has to face her past. I like how her past is weaved into the now. I found this novella interesting and entertaining.


The Narrator: Cassandra Campbell did a wonderful job. I really enjoyed the Irish accent given to Iris and all the other different voices for the other characters.


Double Hexed – 3 Stars


Double Hexed is part of the Stormwalker #2.5 series. This one I felt lost and like I was missing something. The familiar connections between the characters just wasn’t their for me. All the people introduced are friends, acquaintances, or a lover. This novella focused on Janet the main character in the Stormwalker series. We also get Coyote the God, Mike a dragon, Cassandra a witch, Ansel a Nightwalker, and a few others. Theirs a cute/hex on the inn that Janet runs. Their more dark primal instances are coming out. This novella wan’t working so well for me. It didn’t make me want to go out and pick up the Stormwalkerseries.


The Narrator: She did a good job. The voices where unique and you could distinguish between the different characters.


Blood Debt – 4 Stars


Blood Debt is Anna Strong Chronicles #6.5 series. We meet Anna a bounty hunter/vampire. Something in her past is coming back to bit her in the butt. We learn about her, her past, and how she was turned. She’s got to defend her actions in an otherworld court. Not just her life, but another’s is on the line. It’s interesting. Anna is determined to protect those who can’t defend themselves. I’m curious to try the Anna Strong Chronicles series. It sounds like it has adventure, mystery, and fun characters.


The Narrator: She did a wonderful job. All the voices where alive and unique. The story came alive.


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Challenge(s) (2017): Pick Your Genre (PNR/UF) | Backlist Reader | Library Love





I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. I’m an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. I’m the owner, reviewer, and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!

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Angel’s Weekly Book Releases: 1/15 – 1/19



Jan. 15th, 2018



Danger’s Cure (Holly Danger #4) by Amanda Carlson
Tempted by Darkness by Valerie Twombly
Dark Wolves by Elianne Adams
An Unexpected Pleasure (The Mad Morelands #4) by Candace Camp
Scoring With the Wrong Twin by Naima Simone
Going All the Way by Carly Phillips


Jan. 16th, 2018



Rescuing Casey (Delta Force Heroes #7) by Susan Stoker
Down on Me (Man of the Month #1) by J. Kenner
Scoring Mr. Romeo by A.M. Madden & Joanne Schwehm
A SEAL’s Honor (Military Match #3) by J.M. Stewart
Tempt Me (Bodyguard Bad Boys #2) by Carly Phillips
A Merciful Secret (Mercy Kilpatrick #3) by Kendra Elliot
Wild Prince (TAKHINI World Stories #8) by Vivian Arend
Dangerous Mating (A.L.F.A. #3) by Milly Taiden
Awakened By Flames: A Hot Paranormal Dragon Shifter Saga (Hidden Realms of Silver Lake Book 1) by Vella Day
The Jaguar Bodyguard (Howls Romance) by Bianca D’Arc
Alien Alphas: Twenty-Three Naughty Sci-Fi Romance Novellas
The Myth Manifestation (SPI Files #5) by Lisa Shearin
Iron Gold (Red Rising Saga #4) by Pierce Brown



Jan. 17th, 2018



Blood Courtesans Boxed Set: Awakenings (Blood Courtesans)


Jan. 18th, 2018



Remembering Majyk (The Skazka Chronicles #1) by Valia Lind


















Unchained by a Forbidden Love
(Eternal Mates #15)
by Felicity Heaton


Lost to the darkness, Fuery wages a daily war against the corruption that lives within him, constantly in danger of slipping into the black abyss and becoming the monster all elves fear. Work as an assassin gives him purpose, but what reason is there to go on when he killed the light of his life—his fated mate?


Shaia has spent forty-two centuries mourning her mate. Tired and worn down, she agrees to wed a male of her family’s choosing, following tradition that has always bound her as a female and hoping she will be able to gain just a little freedom in return. But as she resigns herself to being the mate of a male she could never love, fate places an old friend in her path—one who tells her that her lost love is alive.


Will Shaia find the courage to break with tradition and leave the elf kingdom in search of her mate? And as a ray of light pierces his soul again, can Fuery find the strength to win his battle against the darkness or will it devour him and that light of their forbidden love forever?


Hostage to Pleasure
(Psy-Changeling #5)
by Nalini Singh
Narrator: Angela Dawe


Separated from her son and forced to create a neural implant that will mean the effective enslavement of her psychically gifted race, Ashaya Aleine is the perfect Psy–cool, calm, emotionless…at least on the surface. Inside, she’s fighting a desperate battle to save her son and escape the vicious cold of the PsyNet. Yet when escape comes, it leads not to safety, but to the lethal danger of a sniper’s embrace.


DarkRiver sniper Dorian Christensen lost his sister to a Psy killer. Though he lacks the changeling ability to shift into animal form, his leopard lives within. And that leopard’s rage at the brutal loss is a clawing darkness that hungers for vengeance. Falling for a Psy has never been on Dorian’s agenda. But charged with protecting Ashaya and her son, he discovers that passion has a way of changing the rules…




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I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. I’m an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. I’m the owner, reviewer, and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!

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Dangerous Mate (Shifters of Bear’s Den #2) by Cecilia Lane (Blitz) ~ Giveaway/Excerpt



Dangerous Mate
Cecilia Lane
(Shifters of Bear’s Den, #2)
Publication date: January 10th 2018
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance


A Bear spoiling for a brawl.
Cole Strathorn fights fires. That’s all he’s ever wanted to do. He thrives on danger and protecting his clan. No one would mistake the six-foot-four, gruff bear shifter for a freaking baby sitter. But that’s exactly what he’s become thanks to an assignment from the town’s mayor. Cole’s new job requires him to keep an eye on the government scientist who has arrived in Bearden to study the shifters.

Cole expects a clichéd nerd with horn-rimmed glasses and a pocket protector, but he’s pleasantly surprised to find his charge is a lovely, curvy and very appealing woman. A woman who smells like she might be more than an assignment. The shy but brilliant scientist might even be his mate. Her addicting scent certainly arouses his bear.


A head for science, but a body for research.

Rylee Garland has come to Bearden to work. She doesn’t have time for distractions or bossy bodyguards, even if they’re tall, dark and gorgeous. She’s determined to ignore the tension sizzling between her and Cole. Her reputation hangs in the balance. If she doesn’t solve the mysteries swirling around the small town, she can forget about keeping her job.

But it grows harder to resist Cole’s charm. One wicked-hot kiss leads to another. Is Cole for real? Or is he just using his seduction skills to get information? Rylee’s had enough heartache for one lifetime and the deeper she falls for Cole, the more she worries he might not be what he seems.


A war brews.
While Rylee and Cole fight their attraction, sinister forces gather in the town of Bearden. The government might want information about the shifters, but there are others that seek something darker: total shifter eradication. The threat lurks, and the menace is real. Rylee and Cole must set aside fear and desire and join forces if they hope to save the shifters of Bearden.



Step into the world of Shifting Destinies, where the men and women you meet might just be a little more than human. Their towns are protected by magic, and their hearts are open and ready for love. But watch your step – more than darkness lurks in the shadows.





The door banged open, and Rylee jumped. The test tubes she’d been pulling from a box rattled in her hands and nearly crashed to the floor.

She whirled at the disturbance and found a tall, dark-haired man shoving his way into the room set aside for her lab. His eyes found her and directed a ferocious scowl her way.

“You were supposed to wait for someone to get you,” the giant growled.

She took a step backward and tried to calm her pounding heart. Her hands went to her throat. She forced a breath out of her lungs, then sucked down her inhale. Waited a second. Then repeated the process all over again. But the breathing exercise did little to calm her.

God, he was huge. Bigger than Peter, bigger than Major Delano, bigger even than Chief Judah Hawkins. She was surprised he didn’t need to duck to enter the door. Tattoos covered his arms and added to the dangerous mystique of the stubble on his cheeks and his perfectly messy dark hair.

While she wanted to take her time studying the inked patterns on his forearms and his hands—his hands! those must have hurt!—it was his eyes that drew her in. They were storms of grey that hinted at a troubled soul, but there was kindness there, too. He could have given her a flat, steely look, but his eyes were soft.

Rylee could feel her cheeks reddening. Her panic was fading as much as it possibly could with a man of his size so close to her. And that ebb in emotion revealed something hidden under the depths: desire.

He was a rugged, handsome man. No. Hot as sin. And extremely, entirely off limits. 



If you’d like to be notified of new releases and special sales, subscribe here.


Cecilia Lane grew up in a what most call paradise, but she insists is humid hell. She escaped the heat with weekly journeys to the library, where she learned the basics of slaying dragons, magical abilities, and grand adventures.


When it became apparent she wouldn’t be able to travel the high seas with princes or party with rock star vampires, Cecilia hunkered down to create her own worlds filled with sexy people in complicated situations. She now writes with the support of her own sexy man and many interruptions from her goofy dog.


Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter



Blitz Wide Giveaway Open INT: Signed copies of Forbidden Mate: Shifters of Bear’s Den Book 1 + Cursed Dragons bookmarks


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Heroines & Hellions: An Urban Fantasy and Fantasy Collection (Blitz) ~ Giveaway


Heroines & Hellions: An Urban Fantasy and Fantasy Collection
Publication date: January 2nd 2018
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy


22 Kickass Heroines.
22 Exclusive, Full-length Urban Fantasy and Fantasy Novels.
0 Damsels in Distress.


Do you like your leading ladies to save the day…or raze it?


No matter which you prefer, this set is brimming with 20 magical stories (many BRAND NEW) told by some of the leading voices of urban fantasy and fantasy in the industry, including several New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors!


If you want strong female leads who strike back against the captivating worlds of vampires, elementals, fiends, and paranormal monsters, then you’re ready to charge into the adventures of HEROINES & HELLIONS, a pure Urban Fantasy/Fantasy collection!


Grab your stake, silver bullets, and your limited edition copy of HEROINES & HELLIONS today!



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$20 Starbucks eGift Card


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Magic Runes (Magic Runes #1) by Devyn Jayse (Blitz) ~ Excerpt/Giveaway


Magic Runes
Devyn Jayse
(Magic Runes #1)
Publication date: November 28th 2017
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy




Meet Carmen Rebello – Rune Witch, owner of the best magic store in Barcelona, and black sheep of her family.


When Carmen successfully removes a spell from a bewitched human, she never thought she would get ensnared in an ongoing Supernatural Bureau of Investigation case. Her life is already complicated by trying to stay hidden from her powerful family members, Carmen can’t afford the attention of joining the investigation but the SBI insist on her involvement. Add an annoying (but hot) SBI agent and her life is getting more difficult by the day. Can she help the SBI without exposing her identity?





“What are your plans for the week?” Mateu asked me.

“Nothing much. Business has been slow, so I’m thinking of giving a class.” Usually I supplemented my income by giving classes in various forms of magic. I taught runes, potion making, and other activities. Sometimes it was struggle to keep things afloat and earn enough to pay for rent, but my store served a purpose in the community and I enjoyed the work. I also liked being in charge of my own work hours. Like many of the other specialty stores in El Born, I opened and closed my store whenever I wanted. And my customers were okay with it. Most of them had my phone number and I left a note on the door for those who didn’t. If I was nearby, I could return to the store and help them with what they needed.

“Do you want me to tell the other gargoyles to talk up your services? Give you a small marketing push?”

I shook my head. “No, that’s okay, I kind of need this week to prepare. I have a speaker visiting the store next week. It’s going to require a lot of coordination and work. I’ve told the local covens but I’m going to have to send out reminders.”

“Whatever you like. If you change your mind, let me know.” Mateu returned to people-watching.

To drum up work and business, I had put together a little event for witches and wizards. I had invited many of the nearby covens to sign up. I had ordered a lot of inventory and had to send out a newsletter letting them know what was in the store. I hoped that would help increase sales.

“In fact…” My voice trailed off. Mateu’s shoulders had stiffened and his body was on alert as he stared out the window. I tensed. “What’s wrong?”

“Come over here,” Mateu said, still focused on whatever he saw outside the window. I walked around the counter and made my way to him. He got to his feet and stared intently at the street. As soon as I was within arm’s length of him, he asked me, “Do you see that woman?”

“Which one?” I searched among the people outside the store. Locals walked past us going about their daily lives while tourists gawked at everything they saw. Across the street was a larger group of tourists. They were focused on the tour guide who held a cane and pointed at various landmarks around them.

“The one in the red T-shirt. She’s part of the group.”

I resumed my search and spotted the woman he was talking about. She stood across the street, her body turned away from us. She gestured at the same buildings the tour guide did and talked to her companion who appeared to be bored from the restless way her head darted around looking at anything but the building in question.

“Yes? What about her?” Before the words had left my mouth, the woman turned slightly towards us and I immediately saw the problem.

A mark over her eye pulsed with a faint blue glow.

“Do you think she knows someone’s cast a spell on her?” Mateu asked me. 





Devyn Jayse is the author of the Dare Valari and Magic Runes series.


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Book Mail
Book Mail

Book Mail! 


I won my choice of a book from The Books You Read during the Midwinters Eve Giveaway Hop and my pick was Spellbinder by Thea Harrison. I love this novel!! Check out my 5 Star review here.

Audio Review: Hungry Like the Wolf (SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team #1) by Paige Tyler (Narrator: Abby Craden)

Hungry Like the Wolf (SWAT) - Paige Tyler
Hungry Like the Wolf

SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team #1
Paige Tyler (Narrator: Abby Craden)
Paranormal Romance - Romantic Suspense
Tantor Audio
June 2nd 2015
8 hrs 26 mins
Audible Romance Package


The Dallas SWAT team is hiding one helluva secret . . . they're a pack of wolf shifters.

The team of elite sharpshooters is ultra-secretive—and also the darlings of Dallas. This doesn't sit well with investigative journalist Mackenzie Stone. They must be hiding something . . . and she's determined to find out what.


Keeping Mac at a distance proves impossible for SWAT team commander Gage Dixon. She's smart, sexy, and makes him feel alive for the first time in years. But she's getting dangerously close to the truth—and perilously close to his heart...




Barnes & Noble




Hungry Like the Wolf is book one in the SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team series by Paige Tyler. We are introduced to several dreamy hunky alpha wolves; who make up the Dallas SWAT team.


Action, suspense, and romance.


Hungry Like the Wolf starts off slow, picks up, slows down, and picks up again. I wasn’t overly impressed or drawn into the world and story. The world building wasn’t bad, but we just don’t get much on the world building until later, much later, in the story when we have a mini-info dump. I did like the concept of Ms. Tyler’s werewolves. I found it intriguing how they became werewolves. It’s not the norm that we typically see with a bite, a curse, or born as a werewolf. I appalled the different take on werewolves.


As for the characters: We are introduced to a lot of sexy SWAT guys. Their is no shortage of dreamy men to think about especially when they are half naked. I enjoyed all the SWAT guys introduced. Then their’s Mackenzie the reporter. I’m not a fan of reports. I just have a hard time with them and Mac was no different. She was an ok character. I didn’t hate her, but I didn’t like her either. I was indifferent. I will say their was one part in the story that really made me not care for Mac. At this point she’s gotten to know the SWAT team and they are friends in a way, so when she puts her career above everything else and don’t give a dame about who it will hurt or how it will effect lives I wanted to throttle her and I felt so sorry for Gage. Last, our sexy wolf SWAT leader Gage. I loved him. He has a great head on his shoulders and a protective streak that is enduring. I like how he’s put his team/pack/family together and cares for them.


We are treated to a little action/suspense with a crime lord after Gage and the SWAT team. This adds a little danger to the story along with Mac and Gage’s romance. Their were the classic cliches and tropes during the storyline, so no big surprises in the story.


Narration: This is my first experience with Abby Craden’s and I enjoyed her narration of Hungry Like the Wolf. She did a good job. I liked her voices and I could disguise; between all the male characters. That distinction made them stand out, be individuals, and become more real.


Hunger Like the Wolf takes the safe road, the characters are interesting enough, and the sex is steamy. It didn’t overly impress me, but it was still a pleasure and a satisfying listen.


Rated: 3 Stars


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Challenge(s) (2017): New To Me (Series) | Pick Your Genre (PNR) | Backlist Reader






I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. I’m an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. I’m the owner, reviewer, and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!

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Interview: Dani Harper (Storm Crossed) ~ Giveaway


Hello and Welcome All!

Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing Dani Harper, author of Storm Crossed.


Hi Angela! Thanks for the warm welcome, especially in such freezing weather! Brrrrr! I’m just going to wrap up in an afghan here while we talk, and I brought hot coffee and fresh cinnamon buns to share.


Please share a few reasons why someone should try the Grim Series…


I love to write about romance mixed with magic in a contemporary setting, especially if there’s a myth or legend involved. I love to place ordinary people face to face with the extraordinary and the impossible, and see how they react – and how they grow and change in order to accept this new reality. I want there to be high stakes, action, and danger. But I need some humorous moments mixed in, as well as romantic and sexy ones.


If that’s the kind of story you like to read, then maybe Storm Crossed is for you. Oh, and don’t worry about getting lost. Even though this is Book 4 of the series, every story is a standalone.


How did you come up with the concept and the characters for the story?


The concept of the Grim Series sprang out of my lifelong fascination with mythology and folklore – and fond memories of my Welsh gramma! Each book has its beginning in Wales, where legends claim that faery realms were once hidden far below the human world, in a place where time did not exist.


I couldn’t help but wonder what would it be like if the fae still lived? And what if they were no longer content to remain in their own kingdom? Especially when the faeries of the old stories are nothing like Tinkerbell! They are not cute. They are not little. And they are certainly not nice. The real fae are cunning, powerful and often cruel. The most beautiful among them are often the most deadly.


What would happen if these ancient beings came to modern-day America? How would people react? How would the fae respond?


Storm Crossed gave me an opportunity to explore a whole new aspect of the world I’ve created. Love is so rare among the fae that most do not believe it exists. Could a faery truly fall in love with a modern mortal? And what would be the cost?


Please share a few lines from Storm Crossed….

“What are you doing here?” demanded a new voice, a rich, masculine voice, and every one of her friends fell silent.


Oh, great, we’ve attracted a park ranger, thought Lissy as she turned to face this new issue. How are we going to explain—


It was no ranger. The first thing her eyes took in was a heavy black cloak, thrown back to reveal strange leather clothing. Ornately tooled and trimmed with silver, it hugged a lean frame.


No, some instinct decided, not lean but lithe. Lithe like a big cat, all coiled agility and snake-strike muscle in a deceptively relaxed package. She was forced to tilt her head to see the strong jaw that underscored the man’s angular face—and beneath it, the silvery scar that ran diagonally across his throat from beneath his left ear until it disappeared into the right side of his collar. Far from being a blemish, however, the scar only added interest to otherwise perfect features. Less obvious was a strange otherness to his appearance that she felt rather than saw. Human, yet decidedly not. And no human she knew boasted hair like that. Pulled into a thick braid that fell halfway down his back, it was white in the way that snow was white—not a single shade but many.


She had to remind herself to breathe. This was no lost cosplay enthusiast or a Lord of the Rings extra but an actual living, breathing member of the faery race. Somewhere in the back of her mind, a faint thought protested that such a thing was completely impossible. It wasn’t very convincing, however, with a flesh-and-blood dog the size of a goddamn Volkswagen already in front of her.


The man’s pale hair glowed in the fire’s light. A fistful of loose strands fell across his face, and beneath them his eyes were watchful, alert. A panther scanning for prey.


And he had found her.

Tell us all about your main characters — Who are they? What makes them tick?


Trahern is a powerful fae sorcerer who has left his title and his wealth behind, and chosen to ride with the Wild Hunt. He can’t accept that love even exists, never mind consider that he might be susceptible to it. And as for mortals? He barely notices them.


Lissy is an independent human woman with a lot on her plate. She believes in love but between her career as a university professor and her responsibilities as a single mom to a young son with Asperger’s, she doesn’t have time for it.


These two people could not be less alike on the surface. And what will they do when they discover they have more in common than either of them ever dreamed? Can mortal love survive fae magic?


What did you enjoy most about writing this book?


Contrary to popular belief, the writer isn’t really in charge of the story. So, the best part for me is the sheer surprise of what my characters come up with. I love to see how they grow and develop, and the story of Trahern and Lissy is one of my most satisfying works to date. I’m so proud of both of them!


Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to take part in this interview.


Thank you so much for inviting me today! I’m looking forward to visiting with your readers in the comment section.


Storm Crossed

Grim Series

Book 4

Dani Harper

Release Date: January 9, 2018

Publisher: Montlake Romance

ISBN-10: 1503948943

ISBN-13: 978-1503948945


Book Description:


The latest stand-alone novel in Dani Harper’s Grim Series will delight old and new fans alike, transporting them to the ancient fae realm beneath the modern human world, where magic rules and menace abounds . . .


Heir to a noble fae house, Trahern is forced to watch helplessly as his twin brother is cruelly changed into a grim—a death dog—as punishment for falling in love with the wrong person. Trahern doesn’t believe love exists, but he will do anything to keep his brother alive—even join the Wild Hunt and ride the night skies of the human world.


Lissy Santiago-Callahan believes in love but has no time for it. She’s busy juggling her career as an academic and her home life as a single mom to a young son with Asperger’s. Her hectic life in sleepy Eastern Washington is made even more chaotic with the sudden arrival of a demanding fae and his unusual “dog.”


Mortal and immortal have nothing in common, and the attraction between Lissy and Trahern surprises them both. But when their desire places Lissy and her child in the path of a deadly faery feud, will the connection last, or will their separate worlds prove too great a divide?






Legend, lore, love, and magic. These are the hallmarks of Dani Harper’s transformational tales of faeries, shapeshifters, ghosts, and more, for a mature audience.


A former newspaper editor, Dani’s passion for all things supernatural led her to a second career writing fiction. There isn’t anything she likes better than exploring myths and legends from many cultures, which serve to inspire her sizzling and suspenseful stories.


A longtime resident of the Canadian north and southeastern Alaska, she now lives in rural Washington with her retired mountain-man husband. Together they do battle with runaway garden gnomes, rampant fruit trees, and a roving herd of predatory chickens.


Dani Harper is the author of Storm Crossed, Storm Warned, Storm Bound, Storm Warrior (the Grim Series), as well as First Bite (Dark Wolf), for Montlake Romance. She is also the author of a Yuletide ghost story, The Holiday Spirit, plus a popular shapeshifter series, which includes Changeling Moon, Changeling Dream, and Changeling Dawn.


For more, visit her websiteAmazon Author Page,  FacebookTwitter or @Dani_Harper



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TMST: Goals for 2018

Tell Me Something Tuesday hosted by Rainy Day Ramblings.


Goals for 2018


Goals. What are they? They can be anything you want them to be. When you set a goal you are taking that first step towards success, accomplishment, and achievements. It’s a step towards being involved in life.





So, what are my goals for 2018?



My Personal Goals:

  • To cherish each day, each moment in life, as if it was my last.
  • To be happy, healthy, and surrounded by loved ones.
  • To get better at communication / expressing myself and feelings.
  • To try new things.


My Blog Goals:

  • To continue to limit my book spending.
  • To continure to branch out on my reading genres.
  • To continue the Randomness & Delectable Delights posts
  • To do more Discussion Posts
  • To continue to limit Review Requests and NetGalley Requests.
  • To finish/get caught up on several series that I’ve started; Jane Yellowrock, Charley Davidson, The Dresden Files, Chicagoland Vampires, K-9 Rescue, Argeneau


What are your 2018 Goals?


Next TMST: January 16th: What books or series that are languishing in your TBR are you finally going to try this year? 



I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. I’m an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. I’m the owner, reviewer, and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!

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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Enjoyable short story in the series. Yes, the short stories need to be read in order with the books.
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Enjoyable short story in the series. Yes, the short stories need to be read in order with the books.
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Enjoyable short story in the series. Yes, the short stories need to be read in order with the books.
Destiny's Tarot
really liked it
I read Devil’s Gate & Hunter’s Season when they where first published and loved both. I’ve been on an audiobook kick and decided to try out Ms. Harrison’s Elder Races series in Audio. Destiny’s Tarot has the Elder Races Novellas Dev...